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Currently back on here after a bit of a hiatus, but I've been around for quite a few years. Definitely over 10 years of roleplay experience under my belt. I was on the neopet message boards before the massive purge. I even had the petpages coded for my characters. That helped me for my web design class in university as I had to use basic html coding. Explaining to the instructor that I knew the basics from neopets and my tumblr page was a little embarrassing, but oh well.

I had even taken a bit of a break from writing for a good while. I graduated with my bachelor in film and was just... completely disillusioned from the creative industries. Truly killed all passion I had, hey.

But I've recently gotten back into Dungeons and Dragons and am even being paid to run a group as a side job. It's gotten me so much more excited to write and create things. I've taken on so many hobbies again and truly feel like writing will be a great outlet like it used to be.

So yeah, please check out my website or just message me to discuss anything!

Oh! And I've been very interested in the idea of group roleplays? I'm just nervous about never actually joining one. Or joining one in their current states. With the discord boards and all. Things were truly simpler in those neopet days, huh...

Anything by MXTX. I’m Not kidding. Even modernised versions of any of her novels.

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