America/New York
3 months ago
Over 21

Elias, 24, INTP, prefers writing in 3rd person

I like to just chat and talk OOC sometimes. I enjoy world/character building, brainstorming and exchanging ideas. I like delving into the characters' minds, torment them psychologically, make them question their sanity, put them through the wringer, etc. I get a kick out of internal conflicts!
Some elements I like to incorporate in general: slow burn, enemies to lovers, soulmates, pining, problematic topics.
If you're not into fandoms but know about MBTI, we could figure something out to make an interesting OC pairing. Preferably a shadow pair!

Any roleplayers still into Death Note these days? I'm really craving some L/Light shenanigans! I play as L and would love to RP with someone who knows Light's personality well, bonus if you're a MBTI nerd like me. Let me just get this out of the way: he's an ENTJ, don't argue with me (or do, I love a good debate)

Besides that, I'd be interested in a post-apocalyptic RP, Fallout style. There's something I find appealing about rivals that develop a soft spot for each other, or strangers that meet in unfortunate circumstances having to work together to survive. I don't really have a solid idea in mind yet. Could be a ghoul and a human becoming friends (and more) despite their differences. I like unusual pairings. If you've got ideas, I'm all ears!

I'm not picky about the length of replies, as long as it gives me something to work with and is written well enough.
I should mention that English isn't my native language, so it can take me a while to find the right words I want to use. I'm a perfectionist, I'd rather take my time to create something digestible than rush the crap out. No pressure, yeah? Quality over quantity and all that.

Death Note L/Light (Bottom!Light preferably) I have a bunch of ideas for AUs, and simple canon divergence as well. Soulmates, reincarnation, time travel, Light redeeming himself somehow and learning to live with the horrifying things he's done, all that good stuff. I've also been thinking about a survival setting, maybe something post-apocalyptic or being stranded somewhere and reluctantly having to work together. I'm open to new ideas as well!

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