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Hello there,

I have been roleplaying for probably about 15 years now. I started out on a website called polyvore and have now tried other places, I mostly rp on Discord. If you have any questions please let me know! I prefer to double, but will play either gender if necessary. I work a stressful job so I can only replay every couple of days, so please be patient with me. I only do mxf pairings. I also only do original plots. I may do plots with inspiration from pop culture but I will only do them with original characters.

I have several plot ideas so if you are interested please reach out to me on discord!

Cutesy Angst: 1. CHARACTER A, a struggling high school dropout, becomes infatuated by CHARACTER B, a pre-med student. Their upbringings are similar. They are both raised by parents who are hateful to each other. As a result, they question the existence of true love. CHARACTER A, an optimist, seeks out to find the answer and believes that, maybe... just maybe, CHARACTER B is the one. The problem is, CHARACTER B is already committed with their SIGNIFICANT OTHER. 2. When Character A’s spouse files for a divorce, they suddenly find themselves struggling to keep their family of three financially afloat as a single parent. It’s not long before Character A has to move to smaller, more affordable housing, which is where they meet their neighbor, Character B, who is also single parent. Soon, Character A’s kids start referring to Character B as their “other parent,” and their kid(s) as their “sibling(s).” As Character A and Character B’s kids grow closer, so do they. Between picking the three kids up from school, to taking the other’s child to ballet/soccer/sports practice, something like romance begins to form. 3. Guy and girl went on a blind date once which went horribly wrong and they ended up hating each other. However they both ended up becoming the godparents of their best friends newborn. They were fine with that because they thought nothing was going to happen but unfortunately the parents of the babies die in a car accident leaving the two to take care of the child. 4. pls give me a plot where muse a and muse b have been absolute best friends since birth and were always pretty much in love with each other but muse a gets kidnapped maybe around 15/16 and isn’t found until years later (maybe mid-20s, early 20s) so it’s angsty bc trauma and maybe muse a was so mind fucked they barely remember anyone from before they were taken but they know muse b and feel weirdly comforted by their presence and muse b is still hopelessly in love with muse a (maybe even add more angst by muse b being in a serious relationship/married/engaged) and muse b devotes their entire life suddenly to getting muse a to remember them and muse a only feels safe with muse b bc even if they don’t recognize muse b there’s this familiarity they can’t seem to shake and it’s just these two best friends getting to know each other again and falling back in love and and finally being with each other again bc the years muse a was missing were the worst years of muse b’s life ok bye Cutesy: 1. it’s the middle of the night on a saturday and i’ve been thrown into holding by the cops and am i high or did i just get thrown into the same holding cell as a celebrity 2.

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