5 months ago
Over 25

Just a busy mum who loves to write! I have a ton of mind babies that beg for attention. I'm a huuuge sucker for angsty plot, enemies turned lovers, taboo relationships (although nothing with underage!) and general awkwardness.

I have my own site and would love to find some people who would love to write on a post apocalyptic survival site with me and explore lots of fun relationships. I tend to play females more than males, but I can write them if the need arises. I'm in Australia so the times I'm online don't always line up with the majority but I use discord daily and am happy to plot using this any time. My replies tend to be every few days, although since I have kids it can sometimes stretch to once a week but I promise to let you know if I happen to be having a difficult week and need a little leeway.

Give me your beasts for my beauties, your jerks to my sass queens, your complete assholes to my innocent beans. I promise to give you long lasting plots and genuine friendship.

Nothing yet. Looking for people willing to write all the crazy with me.

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