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11 months ago
Over 21

Hey, I'm ClamPOWWOW, silly name I know. I'm really into to crossover roleplays. I originated from msparp to cherubplay and then tried cherp out, but that fell through. So now, thanks to a recommendation, I am back and ready to roleplay once more.

My usual crossover prompts are really really silly, but I've had great responses from them in the past, so that means I'm doing something right sweat_smile.
It was always homestuck x [blank], but I am ready to open the crossover gate more to allow other shows or games to be crossed over with the latter.

What I'm really into atm is OTGW (over the garden wall), gravity falls, adventure time, OFF (off Morris ghost) crossovers, and some OC interaction fun with other OC's.

I'm just gonna stick this here and say that I am willing to play the multiple characters from OTGW and maybe adventure time, but I usually play some of the characters in gravity falls and OFF. However, I can always play as the rest of the characters if my partner does not want to and that's totally fine, I don't really mind.

My main big crossover is OTGW with either homestuck or bnha open to more. When I think about it I make myself giggle at the sheer absurdity of it. Gravity falls and adventure time is the same as above, although AT can party with that weirdness.

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