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3 months ago
Over 25

I was an RP fanatic for over a decade, but for the past few years I just haven't found the time to indulge. Now that the world is on fire and I can't leave my house, I'd like to try picking it up again. Here's hoping I'm in the right place!

I really enjoy world building; That's almost a hobby on it's own. I'm content to play as a single character, but I also enjoy playing two, three, or a small ensemble if the story demands a larger cast. I try to keep things light and improvisational when I'm role playing. Genres blur together for me, but the dark/chaotic side of magic is a theme I really enjoy. Mysterious creatures in the deep woods that demand human sacrifice, werewolf turf wars in abandoned train tunnels, secret messages written in graffiti -yeaaaah, that's the good stuff.

I'm not the fan-girl I used to be, and it's a little stressful for me to portray characters from existing works, but I don't mind playing around in existing worlds a bit. If you're willing to ignore that I'm a little rusty, I'd love to hear from you. :)

Craving something nostalgic...wish I knew what, ha.

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