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2 months ago
Over 21

Hi there :) I'm looking for all sorts of roleplay - and I know this is too broad to make a judgment, but I'll try my best to narrow it down as I legit do a lot except for fandoms and what have you. I'm interested in both group and 1-on-1s. I usually go for sci-fi, fantasy, and despite my preference to stay away from fandoms - I do not mind O.Cs in very rare occasions, or if we "borrow" a universe from a famous show or game.

I could go on forever, but I honestly would rather talk to you over Discord about it all. I do want to say that there are days where I could be very busy or packed, so a response may not be offered but that does not mean I'm not up for a chat or anything of the sort. I just don't want to give a false impression that I can respond actively all the time, and I would never expect anything of the sort from you! Boundaries will be respected, so make sure to tell me what you wish to avoid - be it a word, a theme, or anything of the sort.

Since I seem illiterate with this website, I have no idea how to specify that I do not have any preferences, I will list them here:

Genre - I'm not that into anthro & fandoms
Character types - any, it does not matter to me
Pairing - I have a preference for portraying female characters more than male characters, but I however do not mind playing either.
Length - I have no specific length, I've always felt that it depends on what is happening! It can range from a paragraph to three, and in rare occasions more.
Method - Discord, video game (if applicable), email
Current cravings:
Something medieval, a Viking setting, Conan-esque (from the world of Robert E. Howard), Sci-fi (spaaaaaaace), post-apocalyptic, Idon'tknowIjustwanttoroleplayplease.

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