America/New York
10 months ago
Over 25

Hello! I am an experienced roleplayer with over a decade under my belt! I have a list of characters on my tumblr that I have RPed on and off for years!
I'm loyal and dedicated, and would love to make more RP friends!
I'll shower you in memes and headcanons.

I'm looking for someone who loves to world build, and can give some great ideas to improve my own. I just wanna vibe.

Verses I'm super interested in doing:
ATLA, modern AU after Korra.
1X1 sapphic romance set in the early 1900's
Keira and Lambert (Witcher) on their journey after defeating the wild hunt.
Children of Blood and Bone
A 1x1 fxf fame verse filled with toxic relationships and drama

As of 11/20 I am still open and looking for new storylines

ATLA, LOK original storylines, brainstorming universes with other people. All verses besides Southern "country" are a-okay with me!

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