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Over 25

I'm a 31 year old cat mom and I've been roleplaying for over two decades now.
I spend most of my time writing and working on google templates - as well as have a serious problem with making OC's.

Currently I only roleplay on discord though a lot of my experience comes from Gaiaonline forums and Jcink. I also once long ago roleplayed on MSN messenger/AIM/Skype. If you're looking for a partner I tend to stick to modern and slice of life type situations - I'm also particularly OCD when it comes to characters and require some sort of character sheet for the OC's made. Trauma and other trigger's could possibly come up with my OC's so I MUST know what your triggers would be as I have none.

I have very few fandoms that I'm willing to roleplay and if I DO roleplay them at all, I'm strictly no canon. I will only use OC's for fandoms and would prefer the same from my partner. A fandom for me is merely a shell of an idea that's already been flushed out and built.

Finally, I match my partners should they give me enough information to work from. I prefer quality over quantity.

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