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I'm Bab, 23, he/they/it, and running on EST here in the Eastern US. Most of the time my schedule is super open due to disability and suchlike, though replies are generally slow. Always open to OOC chatter and plotting between posts, though!

I've been roleplaying since I was 13 and still do with a number of partners. My whole bit is that I like to create my own in-depth worlds and drag others into them. Most of my work centers around a number of space-faring (alien) polities, though I do have a few more fantastical (and honestly quite ridiculous) worlds, and a near-future Earth. As expected I can't really do one-liners as I don't feel that they capture what I'm trying to convey, nor do they really hold my attention in general. I post three paragraphs on average, but posts can definitely be shorter or longer than that. I am explicitly uncomfortable with first person perspective -- I write in third person, past tense.

Outside of RP I draw, write solo, and play video games.

Talth is something of an anomaly. He is a Cylain by birth complete with hairless digitigrade legs, wicked grey teeth, regeneration, psionic ability, and much more -- but he had been abandoned by his clan and raised by elves. In current times he has long left his own realm for promises of technological modification, and to act as a bounty hunter for those who modified him. His spine has been fully replaced and now ends with a large tail. His hands and feet too are no longer flesh and bone, but advanced bionic augments. And his psionics? Dedicated toward improved movement and the subtle art of getting people to not notice him. Unfortunately, he really sucks at his bounty hunting job. Currently seeking someone to run into this ambiguously invisible abomination. Preferably a bounty or bystander. Setting is flexible as Talth's employers have multidimensional portals available, though I'm currently leaning sci-fi/near future.

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