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Hi! I'm mainly here reaching out for homestuck canon/canon roleplay, since where I came from saddly didn't have the stage for it. I am located in the GMT+8 timezone, so if we are far apart, then it might take some time to match our schedules to reply; But I'm looking forward to meeting new people in the same fandom to roleplay and have fun with! I've been RPing for more than ten years in Mandarin and am humbly testing the waters using my second language for it. I've been trying literate roleplays for the path few months, and would like to write some more!
I'm sure there will be much to discover and talk about, if you're interested, please interact.

I mainly play Kankri Vantas and is recently into Mituna <3< Kankri! Hoping for something longtermed, plot-driven. I am also up to any AUs if you want to give any of them a try.

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