America/New York
5 months ago
Over 21

Hi, I’m in the market not only for roleplay partners, but also for friends! I would prefer to roleplay with people around my age (23) with decent grammar, preferably able to write 2-3 sentences in response at least. My writing style tends to be on the comical style, so I would especially appreciate someone with a sense of humor.

I tend to do fandom related works, but sometimes I can work with something original. In most of these, I prefer to play original characters and I lean towards playing the female gender. In fandom roleplays, I like playing against canon characters.

Some of my fandoms are listed below. If there are asterisks, that means I have characters to play in them. Otherwise, I’m open to AUs and original themes with the non-starred.
- Spider-Man*
- Batman*
- Miraculous (sort of)*
- Jurassic Park/World
- Ghostbusters
- Homestuck*
- Sonic*

In all of these, I generally like the canon, but I’d like to build something new with my partner. Something fun and creative that takes elements from the original works.

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