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America/New York
2 months ago
Over 25

Hello! I'm Ali

I am interested in mostly modern/realistic roleplays with a sprinkle of magic/supernatural elements. We can reimagine your favorite movies/books/games or we can just come up with characters who just jive really well together. For me, character is bigger than plot.

I love:
- Halloween
- musicals
- Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
- dogs (mine is named Winnie like Winifred Sanderson!)
- romcoms
- modern retellings
- foley artists
- Jim Carrey's Grinch

-"We Keep Meeting." I always wanted to have a roleplay where the characters meet, forget to get contact info, regret it, then meet again. - The Proposal but our own scenario of the fake dating trope -Celebrity and someone on their "team." This is obviously very flexible and up to what kind of celeb/art form we've got going on -A Bonnie and Clyde situation. Con-artists. Thievery.

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