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Hi Everyone,

I'm Candace and I'm 36 years old. Most people tend to refer to me by the name of my oldest character, which is Alexia or a nickname of the character, Lex or Lexi. I identify as she/her and I am pansexual. I live on the east coast, but tend to be around at odd hours, typically in the evenings and early mornings due to my work schedule.

I've been writing for 23 years and it is a passionate hobby of mine. There are times I have stopped and started RP simply because of a need to take a break. I am returning from my latest hiatus and hope to find some individuals to RP with again. Typically, I stick to modern or modern/fantasy (modern/supernatural) settings, but I am open to hearing about original ideas. I don't tend to RP fandoms with the exception of Final Fantasy XIV. I will RP my FFXIV characters on Discord and in-game. I am hoping to find some long-term RP partners to write with. I do tend to prefer writing in real-time and will write semi-paragraph to multiple paragraphs. That being said, I do know everyone has their on schedule and I am willing to have asynchronized RP, as long as the RP is occurring regularly, meaning at least one post a day or every couple days.

Currently, I am a child/adolescent outpatient and intake therapist. Even though many think we bring our work home with us, I do not. I actually bring my hobbies to the workplace, which is so much fun to be able to do with kids and teens. I love being able to use what is called Geek Therapy with the kids and teens I work with.

Personally, I enjoy writing, reading, RPing, and painting. The fandoms I tend to focus more on, even if I don't really RP them, are Marvel, anime, Harry Potter, DC, and Final Fantasy.

Currently, I am seeking out a writing partner for a character I recently recreated. I will be adding a carrd as soon as I get it finished for her. The character's name is Sydne and she is a human. I am hoping to play her in a modern/fantasy (modern/supernatural) setting. My thought is along the lines of writing with someone who is playing a supernatural being, preferably a werewolf, to eventually change my character over time. The character is a bit more of a unique one for me to play, but I love the work I have put into her and want to be able to see how a story with her plays out. I'm not looking for one-offs or short-term RP. I am hoping to find long-term RP for the character. I am also willing to discuss other possible characters I have available and switch up characters when needed to keep it interesting with whomever I'm writing with. Feel free to reach out to me on Discord. Alexliandra#8036

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