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2 months ago
Over 21

Hobbyist writer of almost 10 years. English is not my first language, but I believe my writing to be mostly error-free at this point. Feel free to see my samples and let them do the talking, as I will also check samples from prospective partners.

I'm also fond of art, music, video games & TTRPGs, as well as various media. I will never say no to a good D&D game, and I have a crippling addiction to shiny dice.

Text-based RP, however, remains my favorite pastime, and I hope to find a long-lasting partner! I have a number of plots, worlds, original characters, and dynamics that I would love to explore. I am big on communication and would like it if you offered me the same respect. I will take no offense if you decide the plot is not working out and you want to drop/adjust/re-plot, just let me know! (I will also state it in no uncertain terms if I feel the same, and hope that you will be understanding if I feel that way)

I strive to offer both verdant prose and intriguing characters, and place them into circumstances that are compelling to witness and fun to play out. I possess some pre-made/versatile OCs, but may also create a new one for the thread. If you don’t want a drawn faceclaim (realistic or otherwise), I will write you a good description. Please do not demand that I use xyz faceclaim.

I have listed all fandoms I am familiar-enough with, but for some of them, you will have to persuade me with a good pitch. I am open to crossovers as well.

Romance is not a must for me (and I love platonic pairs) and I do not mind it as a side-plot (as long as it develops organically); but I will refrain from going into threads with it as a predetermined notion. That is not to say I am utterly against it, but if characters simply do not have believable chemistry, I have no interest in forcing them to be in a relationship.

I am of age, but I am also Ace and not comfortable with explicit sexual content and some of the dynamics involved in it. It is not something I am going to write out, period. This is the only hard-line 100% nonnegotiable thing that I will not budge on. Everything else (violence, language, other dark content) is fine.

I do not bite, please feel free to contact me if you think we'd be a good match!

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