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Hey! I'm new to the site so I'm not totally sure how things work yet but I've been roleplaying for a decent amount of years now and I'm always excited to find new partners.

Story oriented is what keeps me most engaged but I'm more than happy to have a healthy serving of NSFW in my roleplays, or have that be the focus even if you want (provided you're 18+).

I hardly ever do roleplay as or with OCs since it just doesn't interest me as much as canon characters, but I'm always willing to take a look at a character just in case. Just don't get your hopes up and keep in mind it's nothing personal.

My typical reply length is two to three decent sized paragraph, and I'll never dip under that unless motivation is *really* low. On the other side I may go way beyond if I'm feeling the vibes! I don't mind if you dip into one paragraph too when motivation is low but try not to make a habit of it if you could. That's all for now I believe!

I would kill for some Marble Hornets/Clear Lakes 44 right now or just regular old Creepypasta. Something angsty and shippy that'll really tug some heart strings. Homestuck has also been a big one for me, and I recently I got into Monster Prom which I think has some great potential for fluff and hijinks.

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