Welcome to Roleplay Central Database!

We are proud to unveil RPC's brand new site! On top of the old features you have come to know and love like our signature List, we have a few new features that we know you will love!

Introducing: profiles! You can now log in to update your profile at anytime with new favorites, cravings, and an about me. No more waiting for a staff member to make those changes for you, the power is in your hands! Additionally, contact information on the List is no longer visible to non-members, ensuring more privacy and security in your roleplay search.

Introducing: matchmaking & matcher! We are excited to introduce our new matchmaking features! On your profile, there is now a tab that shows you "matches" based on a weighted score. We also have added a matcher system that works similarly to a dating app for roleplay partners -- random profiles will appear to you off the List, giving you a chance to add them to your like or dislike list. Should you both like one another, it's a match!

With all these features and more, we hope you enjoy the hard work that was put into the new site with roleplayers like you in mind!

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Don't see your affiliate link? We might have missed it when we transferred to the new site! Please contact us [here] to be re-added to our site!